"Ron Steele" is an American local news anchor at KWWL-TV/KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa. He has been at KWWL since 1974, where he started as the sports director and is Iowa's longest sitting anchor. KWWL-TV is the NBC affiliate for the Cedar Rapids/Waterloo/Iowa City/Dubuque television market.

While he was still KWWL's sports director, he did play-by-play for NBC Sports and ESPN. He also has been to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War/Persian Gulf War, at the White House when the hostages came home from Iran and he also interviewed George W. Bush/President George W. Bush on Air Force One.

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They need food more than anything else. We just have to be patient because these people need our help. We are trying to persuade the authorities to listen to us.

I think that kind of got us jump-started a little bit. It got the crowd in the game and got us more focused and intense. I think that was a good move by Coach.

All the paperwork has been submitted... we are waiting.

It bothered me a lot. I didn't even practice hardly during that time. I couldn't really move. I couldn't attack the basket. I felt like I was not really helping my team.

Sometimes I really look to pass the ball more than score. Sometimes they still have to get on me about shooting open shots. I want to win more than anything, so whatever it takes us to win is what I'm going to try to do.

The more you've been in that situation ... missing the game-winning shots and making them, you get more confident. The bad times and the good times all contribute to it.

We're going to have to practice trying to, I guess, get him out of position where he can't block our shots because he's really good at that.

I made a couple of plays that were very uncharacteristic and that kind of cost us. But they did a good job of pressuring the ball.

The box is worth more than the contents. The corn is the same price it was 25 to 30 years ago. We're losing money. We're in denial.