"Ron Shelton" is an Oscar-nominated United States/U.S. film director and screenwriter, best known for the many films he has made about sports.

Shelton was a minor league baseball player in the Baltimore Orioles' organization from 1967 to 1971.

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You don't know how it's impacting these kids. It might be making some of them want to do something with their lives.

He literally was demon possessed with the bottle, ... In that regard, he's not like 'Nuke' LaLoosh.

Joe's assignment was to keep an eye on him and be a role model, ... Joe never saw him, except at the ballpark. The idea of a wild, young pitcher who's out of control rooming with a veteran gave me the dramatic possiblity.

Any day you can get released. It's the best years of your life, and everybody's playing with this reckless abandon and terror.

I answered the door and he was begging, ... He would kind of follow the Ports around thinking Joe would help him. Nobody knew who it was and Joe later told me who it was.

We project it to go to 60 to 70 million board feet by '07.

We've got a lot of those coming online. We're kind of behind the curve on that.

I was about five years behind him in the Baltimore Orioles' organization, ... Everyone told Dalkowski stories.

I believe in the Church of Baseball.