Hopefully we can correct some things before the second half of the season and make a push for the playoffs.

Every day it becomes more difficult to deal with because of transportation issues and just coming to an end of the questions of who we're going to play and what the format is going to be.

Everybody's involved in the services and gets involved in everything.

It is funny, we were in almost the identical situation last year and didn't recover. Last year, though, we kind of went in the tank and missed the playoffs because of that. We put ourselves in the same situation as last year, but this time, we responded the way we needed to.

We got good looks, but uncharacteristically we missed shots.

It's a big win, but we aren't even in the playoffs yet. We can enjoy it, but we have to get ready for Penn Hills on Tuesday.

My secretary is thrilled that people are using it because it means a lot less calls for her. It's really a win-win situation, especially with spring sports where weather affects games a lot.