Ron Porter
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"Ronald Dean Porter" is a former professional American football player who played linebacker for seven seasons for the History of the Indianapolis Colts/Baltimore Colts, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Quite frankly, I question their value. I'm not sure how much the commission can absorb, because they're going to be getting a variety of viewpoints.

Casinos are spreading like wildfire, and it seems to be an entertainment option that a significant number of people engage in. That's just the reality of gaming that it is proving to be attractive to a great number of people.

We need to be a voice that's not tied to any political interest.

It just illustrates that there are multiple points of view, and that there's going to be a tremendous challenge in reconciling the various viewpoints that exist about all three potential sites. All three have pluses and minuses.

It's a massive undertaking that's going to change the landscape of Pittsburgh. We want to make sure we're really making recommendations that are in the best interests for the city of Pittsburgh.