They put some people in the box trying to stop our run, but I thought we did a good job staying on blocks. The backs did a good job finding the hole.

I'm frustrated that we didn't play that good. But I'm happy for our kids because they could have folded when we lost that 15-point lead.

They're very well-coached defensively about squeezing and playing their position. We just felt like we wanted to run a little bit more quick game at them. Sean read it well and did a great job doing that.

We wanted to establish ourselves early physically, and I thought we did that. Our defense kept 'em pinned up, so we had great field position all night.

Athletics means more than just winning games. We want our players be productive in society and to gain a sense of the things that are going on in the world today.

We can't continue to let teams take the ball and drive it 78 yards down the field and score on the first series and then us go three-and-out on offense and give up field position right away again. Sooner or later it's going to come back to bite us in the rear end.

Our kids have finished games. They've played hard, they've bounced back. They've done a good job, but I've got to figure out a way to get us more ready to come out in the first quarter.

We were finally able to hit some shots. We rebounded well in the first half, but we couldn't shoot. But early in the second half the ball started falling in.

Our defense has played fairly well. In the Robinson game, we gave up some yards, but that's a little misleading. We were able to keep them out of the end zone, and that is what is most important statistically.