What I keep telling my guys is to take it one day at a time and get better.

I was really concerned about this game going in because of (Limestone) beating us here last year. That was one of our goals over the year, that Limestone not beat us again at home.

Anthony is our motor. He runs the show and when he picks it up, everything rolls.

It's nice of them to believe in us like that.

That group made a nice run. They played hard and played as a team, and a lot of it had to do with Mark. We needed that run to get more space.

What he brings is so important to our team. He is doing things that other people can't do.

But I am very grateful and thankful for how successful we've been. I am proud of some of the young players ? we have so many new, young players on this team.

Certainly going in, there were tremendous question marks. And there still are. There are many things we are not doing well right now that we have to continue to improve upon. That's our main focus.

We got a lead and got complacent and didn't finish the game. My bench was lackadaisical, my team was lackadaisical and we're happy to end with a victory but we'd like to do it without letting them come back.