We haven't played them in doubles before but we have faced them in singles so we know what to expect. It should be very close.

We talked to her a couple of times over the past few months, but she wasn't quite in a position to put together an actual show. I'm happy to be able to give her a break.

'The Drive' will help the monorail, the Sahara. We want to get as many people behind the wheel of General Motors vehicles as possible.

And she got some help with makeup to give her more of a Vegas look and feel.

It's difficult to see our middle-income jobs go away like this. It's very tough to see them go out the door.

I made some suggestions as far as musical content and how she should stage it, but I can only go so far. I don't want to change her show. I want her to do what she is comfortable with.

At one time, Vegas was the Cadillac capital of the world.

It's going to bring people to the hotel.