"Ron Crawford" (age 65) is an actor and artist.

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James Anderson is a potential NBA player. He's a top Big 12 and SEC prospect, no question.

Our defense played scrappy. It wasn't pretty, but this was a good, solid win for us.

As far as preparations go this week, we're going to spend as much time defending the pass as we do the rush.

We didn't get it done and they did. I guess I didn't do a good job preparing them and we'll have to get better next week.

We could start to make a name for ourselves in Little Rock. Part of that comes back to facilities.... I've been all over the country and we've played in every kind of venue you can dream of, but nowhere have we been are there better facilities closer together.

The most overwhelming response we've had has been from the college coaches because they will be in a feeding frenzy. The Final Four will be over. Signing day is over. Now they will be focusing on who they can sign in the fall of 2006.

They kept the ball almost the entire third quarter. Our kids kept fighting, and we were able to get them into a manageable fourth down.

We're not as big as we were. We'll have to be a more scrappy football team than we were last year. We're really not built big enough to stop what they do.

If you look at the need for another school, there's as much of a compelling need out in the Silver Springs Shores area, where we haven't had an opportunity to find land out there.