Last year, we were really on the short side, aside from Rathert and Rachel. But it all comes down to how hard you play. Volleyball is kind of a strange sport that way.

He had the look I wanted. All I really wanted was a swimmer's body.

All of a sudden, my body started getting real lean and I had more energy. It was like finding the truth.

What an experience, to get to go to England and Poland for the first time. I was seeing the world and I wasn't paying for it.

I was brainwashed. I just thought, why compete? I could never get on stage without drugs.

Here I was, the only black guy in his gym.

It was sort of a love-hate relationship. He was always hollering at me, but I think he grew to like me.

Come on in and work out, ... Frank will be back soon.

They thought I was unique and different because I put a lot of prayer into my poses, when all the while I was just giving glory to the Lord.