Ron Berger
FameRank: 5

"American Football League/AFL" New England Patriots/Boston Patriots"NFL" New England Patriots/Boston Patriots"NFL" New England Patriots"NFL" Miami Dolphins


/HOF=}}"Ron Berger" was an American college and professional football player. A defensive end, he played college football at Wayne State University, and played professionally in the American Football League and National Football League for the New England Patriots/Boston/New England Patriots.

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The first time he said, 'Time to make the doughnuts,' we were hysterical. We knew the importance of the role. It was such that you want someone that people are going to like and definitely relate to. Michael was it.

It's so cold, there's nothing else to do there but advertising.

I think our industry would be better if agencies were as comfortable with change as we like to tell clients they should be.

One day everyone wants it, and then the cycle is that no one wants them.