I learned the difference real early between the sound 'crack' and the sound of 'whoosh,' ... 'Crack' is get your butt on the ground or into the bunker. And 'whoosh' is outgoing.

The time for study is over – get us out. There's not enough money ... you cannot fix all that's underground.

I've signed a lot of autographs but it's the first time I've signed a missile.

I heard it snap.

I didn't expect to see the stark contrast between the way the people lived and the way things were, and the palace.

Just like the call to prayer. How do you call somebody to prayer when you've got killing? 'OK. Time out. We're not going to bomb you. We're not going shoot you. We want you to come and pray now.' Or we're going to have a one-hour sabbatical from killing.

All the people who thanked me for coming and being there, ... I should be thanking them for being able to do what I do.

The dichotomy between the knowledge of the death and destruction that was going around us, yet the call to prayer, which is a spiritual peaceful moment - and it was beautiful - it was very different.