The landscaping will be one of the final things that will go in. You won't see any planting or anything of that nature until the latter part of the project.

(Watkins) believed he could play at Division I all along, ... and it worked out great for him.

I found out there are a lot of scholarships available out there if you're a good student and, in some cases, willing to go out of state.

Seven years before we played on the same San Diego City College team and he was a 6-2, 230-pound beast. He was all muscle. I thought he'd gone on to college or something.

It takes a lot of time, but the reward comes almost every night when at least one of the guys calls me or e-mails me. I don't get a lot of sleep, but I'm happy.

I make no guarantees, but if I see a good athlete with good grades and test scores who really wants an education, and wants to play football, and is willing to go away from home, I try hard to make the fit.

The knock on me is I only get players into Timbuktu State or mostly black colleges in the South, but that's just not true.

They are working on what's called the Oval Park, where that water feature is.