We asked them to bring in the car so that we can search it for evidence, and they never contacted us.

Just building a house, just going into a community and trying to figure out what the problems are, that doesn't really have anything to do with crime prevention. What it has to do is building a trust between the agency and the community.

We don't want to speculate but if a person is deceased, another injured and a fire going on at the same time, we're going to treat it as a crime scene.

After the child was seen by the medical examiners office this morning it became apparent the injuries where not consistent with that explanation.

Drivers pulled over on Travis County roads this week could be pleasantly surprised to find out they were targeted for driving well. If somebody does something illegal, we probably won't give them the baseball tickets.

Every crime scene, every murder scene, is a heinous crime, but this is one of the worst we've ever seen.

We don't know if the name was made up or if this guy even exists.

It's become one of the deadliest lakes in Texas in the last few years. It has cloudy water, a lot of brush and the bottom is uneven. In one step you could go from being 3-feet deep in the water, then having it over your head.

We?re only allegedly that the injuries she sustained was not accidentally and somebody caused this injury to her.