"Roger D. Landry", is a Canadian businessman and the former president and publisher of La Presse (Canadian newspaper)/La Presse.

Born in Montreal, he was educated in Montreal, Paris, and London. He started his career with Bell Canada working with the Quebec government and helped to design a mobile telephone network for the Sûreté du Québec. In 1965, he was named assistant director of public relations for Expo 67 and later was the director in charge of receiving heads of state and important visitors.

In 1970, he founded a public relations firm and later joined ITT-Rayonnier as vice-president of administration. In 1977, he became the Vice-President of Marketing and Public Affairs for the Montreal Expos and helped to create the mascot Youppi.

From 1980 to 2000, he was the president and publisher of the Montreal newspaper La Presse.

He published his first novel Le Sans tache in 2002.

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My father's first job was there working as a parking lot attendant after World War II. I had aunts who worked there in the shoe department for years. I feel like I have a responsibility to make our Muller's project work.

I had to drive myself, and radiation makes you very tired. This is a Godsend for cancer treatments.

We've found the old Muller's marquee signs that will be put back up. A person donated a 1960 General Electric stove that we will set up. And the old floors will be used.

It's a family thing. (Cancer) affects everyone around that individual.