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Our running game was awesome because everyone stepped it up. McNulty did a great job holding his own in the second half to secure the victory. We saw a glimpse of the future as (junior) Brandon Ruta (13 yards, 3 carries) showed the crowd his special talents.

He'd call me here at the house, usually around supper time.

It's a good group, and our confidence has been terrific ? better than I could have imagined at this point. We're right where we want to be at this point.

He'd start off with 'Mr. Day, I was wondering if.' He really spearheaded this whole thing.

We wanted to give them some flash with J.P.. That's the best he's pitched all season; his ball was really moving. He really competed well.

We scored on our first three drives, which set the tone for the game. Our offense did a great job because they got the first downs under pressure when we had third and fourth conversions. After that, we mainly concentrated on defense.