"Roger Chase" is a United Kingdom/British viola/violist who currently teaches at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Roger Chase was born in London and studied under Bernard Shore (with occasional lessons from Lionel Tertis) during his studies at the Royal College of Music from 1964 to 1974. Mr. Chase received his ARCM degree [associate honors diploma] in 1974, one year prior to Tertis's death. Mr. Chase is the current owner of the 1717 Domenico Montagnana/Montagnana viola, which is the instrument that Tertis used during the height of his performing career, originally acquired in Paris when it was in pieces. This 17 1/8" instrument was the inspiration for his developing, after his retirement, the Tertis model viola. His hope was to create an instrument more manageable by those with smaller hands, yet with the same deep sonority of his Montagnana. The 1717 Montagnana was acquired by Bernard Shore during Tertis's retirement in 1937 and upon Bernard Shore's death, was passed down to Roger Chase.

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