"Roger Bart" is an American actor and singer who has received Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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I had the show sort of explained to me.

Shooting my scenes, I hadn't really even known what I was putting in his medicine.

I've tried to maintain an uneasy balance between your friendly unassuming neighborhood pharmacist and Anthony Perkins in 'Psycho,' .

Then, when it aired, I watched that episode, watching him in the hospital croaking his last breath, and I found myself moved almost to tears by his death. I was misting up and going, `Who would do such a horrible thing?' And then I had to say, `Wait a minute! I did it!'

There was one scene early on where George is home alone, eating dinner and watching Bree on the surveillance video from the drug store, ... I think that's when America went, 'Uh-oh.' .

I think I was brought on the show as a means for Bree to retaliate for Rex cheating on her.