Roger Adams
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"Roger Adams" was an United States/American organic chemistry/organic chemist. He is best known for the eponymous Adams' catalyst, and his work did much to determine the composition of naturally occurring substances such as complex vegetable oils and plant alkaloids. As the Department Head of Chemistry at the University of Illinois from 1926 to 1954, he also greatly influenced graduate school/graduate education in America, taught over 250 Doctor of Philosophy/Ph.D. students and postgraduate students, and served the U.S. as a scientist at the highest levels during World War I and World War II.

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They offered extra swim times and different promotions to encourage the use of the indoor pool, but it's just hard to get people to go indoors.

More and more consumers are choosing what messages to receive with video- on-demand and opt-in emails. We want to allow consumers a chance to vote on what they receive in mass media as well.

Consumers are in control these days and want to pick and choose what they watch.

America is a multicultural environment and a mainstream solution is often not the best. Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians all have different tastes and preferences.

We see the Hispanic community as key to our business growth in the next five years.

So everything is about triple in size in terms of the water area.

Most of the people walked away from this.

None of the regular procedures ... were followed.

We sacrificed this whole season because our old pool was on this site, and we just demolished it.