Rodney Taylor
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"Rodney Graham Taylor" was a senior officer in the Royal Australian Navy, serving as Chief of Navy (Australia)/Chief of Navy from 1994 to 1997. Born in Queensland, Taylor entered the Royal Australian Naval College at the age of thirteen. Graduating as dux of his year in 1957, he later specialised in navigation and served during the Vietnam War. Commanding HMAS Vampire (D11)/HMAS Vampire as well as HMAS Torrens (DE 53)/HMAS Torrens, Taylor planned and coordinated the deployment of Australian ships during the Gulf War. Retiring from the navy in 1997, Taylor died from lung cancer in 2002 at the age of 62.

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Once they decided they were going to make that change, they went to their pitching coaches and started pitching from that distance. It hasn't been a big deal pitching or offensively.

Courtney made some great plays for us tonight. She chased down two of them that probably prevented runs.

We only had 10 girls for a couple of games. It went through the whole team.

With this being the only game for us this week, I don't know whether they got comfortable or what. Hats off to Lemon Bay though, they came out ready to play.

We needed somebody to come in there and stop them. And what she did was huge.

Jessica pitched a great game. Getting that first win will hopefully kick-start her the rest of the season.

One of my quotes for the girls today was, 'Leave your silver platters at home, because we're not giving them anything. Then we gave up the first one ... I reminded them to put their silver platters away.

Any team that you let stick around, there's a chance they'll come back and get you. And that almost happened tonight.

We're giving up extra runs on errors.