The longer you are in this business, you come to expect it. It's not just the parents who exaggerate; there are coaches out there that exaggerate. I know they are trying to sell their kids, but you definitely have to make sure you do your homework.

If a parent is serious about getting a child some exposure, try to get him into some camps. We offered a scholarship to a kid in our camp in July. We knew him, but he really wasn't high on our radar until we saw him there.

I hope so. I don't control that, but I would hope he would come out there with renewed passion.

What he did his freshman year shows how tough he is. Everybody likes the motor he plays with. It's hard to find guys as big as he is who play as fast as he does.

You go two years without signing a running back and now you've got yourself in a tougher spot. Hopefully, we'll be able to attract one, but we don't want to just sign a guy. That's the thing that we want to avoid, just taking a guy to take one and then you start getting overloaded at a position.

Josh Johnson, if he takes care of his business, we expect him to be back in January.

You want to see them down after down. You want to see what he's doing when the ball goes the other way.

Fortunately for us – I hate to say that word, because it is very unfortunate for them – but really we're just spot recruiting. So it is not really our main bases.

That's not going to help market their children at all. We fast forward through most of that (fancy production) stuff and get to the meat of it: Can they run? Can they change directions? Do they have feet?