Rodney Crowell
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"Rodney Crowell" is an American musician, known primarily for his work as a singer and songwriter in country music. Crowell has had five number one singles on Hot Country Songs, all from his 1988 album Diamonds & Dirt. He has also written songs and produced for other artists.

He was influenced by songwriters Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt. Crowell played guitar and sang for three years in Emmylou Harris' "Emmylou Harris#The Hot Band/Hot Band".

He has won two Grammy Awards in his career, one in 1990 for Grammy Award for Best Country Song/Best Country Song for the song "After All This Time (Rodney Crowell song)/After All This Time" and one in 2014 Grammy Award for Best Americana Album/Best Americana Album for his album "Old Yellow Moon".

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I am deeply saddened by the loss of my children's grandfather and my very dear friend. I loved big John with all my heart. ... Johnny Cash will, like Will Rogers, stand forever as a symbol of intelligence, creativity, compassion and common sense.

Don?t Get Me Started.

I wanted to dismantle any show-business pretense and take this thing straight as a human being, ... So I said, 'I'm gonna write this, and where I think I'm great, I'm gonna say it, and where I think I'm not, I'm gonna say it. And I'm gonna try to love and accept myself along the way.'

I don't think it will ever be my style to take a big mallet and just ... bust the window with it, ... I have to get there in a more subtle way.

'It's Alright, Ma' would be the prototype for that tune, I freely admit, ... When I was 12 years old, or however old I was when Bringing It All Back Home came out, I'd just skip back and forth endlessly between 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' and 'It's Alright, Ma' and 'Mr. Tambourine Man,' and now my Dylan roots are showing big time.