She runs just like her daddy - breaks sharp and goes straight to the rail. Her style fits this track. She's a very alert pup and does everything right.

We knew it would take at least a year to build the kennel. We're getting close but we're not there yet. We've had a major facelift, but Cary knows what it takes. He's a winner.

Early speed is the key to her success but she has some bottom. In Grade AA it may be harder for her to come from behind.

Fox has had three nagging injuries but both are hard trying dogs. Both will be A-AA dogs.

After 20 or so starts I think he'll get stronger.

All three are pay sheet dogs and have made a difference in the kennel. They are steady, consistent, hard-trying dogs.

If she gets on top early she's tough.

Although she can come from behind, her favorable racing style is out in front. I'd also like to see her in the eight box.

He also can go to the front or come from off the pace and beat you. He has the potential to be a high grade dog at Wheeling.