Rod Stewart
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"Roderick David "Rod" Stewart", is a British rock singer-songwriter. Born and raised in London, he is of English and Scottish ancestry. Stewart is one of the List of best-selling music artists/best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide.

He has had six consecutive UK Album Chart/number one albums in the UK, and his tally of 62 UK Singles Chart/UK hit singles includes 31 that reached the top 10, six of which gained the number one position. He has had 16 top ten singles in the US, with four reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100/Billboard Hot 100. In 2007, he received a CBE at Buckingham Palace for services to music.

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I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger. I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was stronger.

Only a fool permits the letter of the law to override the spirit in the heart. Do not let a piece of paper stand in the way of true love and headlines.

How can my son not be straight after all I've said and done for him?

I am always crazy for hot women. I am like a rabbit. I could do it anytime, anywhere.

The first cut is the deepest.

What I do now is all my dad's fault, because he bought me a guitar as a boy, for no apparent reason.

I want to go out at the top, but the secret is knowing when you're at the top, it's so difficult in this business, your career fluctuates all the time, up and down, like a pair of trousers.

I'm a rock star because I couldn't be a soccer star.

If the father is not straight naider will be the son.