Our early indications were that this year would be a record crowd. With the situation with the hurricane, we know some of the people who come here from Mississippi every year will not be able to come. But the show is definitely going on, and it's going to be a big deal.

This is a hands-on event. People will be able to get on the motorcycle and have their picture taken. It has been touring the United States, with approximately 70 stops across the nation. At the end of the tour, Case will draw the name of some lucky person and they will win the motorcycle. Visitors will be able to register here at the Case Celebration.

We even had one gentleman who said he would come in early if we could find him a place to go squirrel hunting -- and we did. We believe in customer service.

Because there are only three made each year, depending on what it is, the mint value of that knife is $1,000 at a minimum, and sometimes can range as high as $10,000. Incidentally, the people who won our grand prize last year are from Mississippi, and won't be able to attend due to the hurricane. So, we want to keep those folks in our thoughts.