Rod Parsley
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"Rodney Lee Parsley" is a prominent American Minister (Christianity)/Christian minister, author, television host and evangelist. He is senior pastor of World Harvest Church, a large Pentecostalism/Pentecostal church in Columbus, Ohio and founder and president of The Center for Moral Clarity, a Christian grassroots advocacy organization. He is also founder of Breakthrough (a media ministry), the Bridge of Hope missions organization, Valor Christian College, Harvest Preparatory School, World Harvest Ministerial Alliance, Metro Harvest Church (an inner-city and prison outreach), Latin Harvest Church (a Spanish-language church in Columbus) and The Women's Clinic of Columbus.

He has been a guest on CNN/CNN's Larry King Live, and airs daily on the Daystar (TV network)/Daystar TV Network and the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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Concerning the brief 32 year history of this nation (The Bahamas), my heart wanted to rejoice and I do rejoice with you, but I trust that your heart will feel just a bit saddened with mine.

We hope to stand in the middle and look at left and the right and say that we believe the only way to get it consistently right is based on what we believe are biblical, Christian ethics.

I like to say I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, I'm a Christ-o-crat.

I've seen devastation from earthquakes to hurricanes to tornadoes, (but) I've never even imagined destruction like is there in Louisiana and Mississippi, ... This storm was 90,000 square miles and entire cities (and) neighborhoods, one after the other, had been reduced to nothing more than kindling wood.

Ohio was the focus of the world in 2004. It is my objective to see that 'values voters' in the state become engaged in the process.

I formed Reformation Ohio to address spiritual and moral needs. I believe we must equally focus on both.