We have to keep selling this team in Raleigh.

We seem to find a way to make it interesting for everybody. That's not the way it should've went. The first two periods we should've scored more ... but we hung in there.

It didn't suddenly start happening. It seems we've been doing this since Day 1. It's not the way we want to do it, but the good thing is, we never panic about getting down. We feel we can come back in any game.

It's strange. We've been winning games like this a lot. Sometimes we have no business being in the game, but we hang around enough and find ways to win.

It's always good to have a little breather and have a break and kind of regroup before the last little bit, the last push before we start the playoffs and everything else. It's a rat race the last 20 games.

The schedule is just kind of crazy, there's too many games. There's no time to just get away from the game.

It seems every win we've had in dramatic fashion. This wasn't a pretty game. We didn't play all that well.

He didn't know any of the guys when he got here. I think there is more of a relationship now, and I think he understands the players he has. I just think he's a lot more open. When he first got here, he was very distant.

I think the last time I had the 'C' was in street hockey. I was definitely the expert out there. I had it for a while in Philadelphia when [ Eric ] Lindros was hurt. We're all going to be leading this team.