Rocky Marciano
FameRank: 4

"Rocky Marciano" was an United States/American professional Boxing/boxer and the World Heavyweight Champion from September 23, 1952, to April 27, 1956. Marciano is the only person to hold the heavyweight title without a bout tie or defeat during his entire career. Marciano defended his title six times, against Jersey Joe Walcott, Roland La Starza, Ezzard Charles (twice), Don Cockell, and Archie Moore.

He has been ranked by many boxing historians as one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time.

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Why waltz with a guy for 10 rounds if you can knock him out in one?

Was far and away the strongest man I've encountered.

I was on my face. I heard the count from one to 10. I kept telling myself that I had to get up, but I couldn't move. I couldn't make myself move. It was the strangest feeling.

I don't want to be remembered as a beaten champion.

Liston is like most big bullies, if you can stay away and make him miss for a few rounds he'll get frustrated. Once you strip away that feeling of invincibility, he can be had.

Look at the blood!

I am comfortably fixed, and I am not afraid of the future. No man can say what he will do in the future, but barring poverty the ring has seen the last of me.

I'll get you, you son of a bitch!

What could be better than walking down any street in any city and knowing you're the heavyweight champion of the world?