For the One Platinum, we wanted to find a way to add more distance to a ball known for spin control and feel around the greens. With the One Black, we wanted to take a ball already known for distance and add more spin control and feel.

We achieved our goal with the Ignite ball by offering the serious player easier access to 3-piece performance. This ball is perfect for the player who is looking for lower spin and maximum distance. We also believe that it will instill confidence in players' attempts to shape shots so that they can reach greens in regulation and, ultimately, attack pins.

That was a pretty good challenge for me because when I talked to him about the project he was more like a feel player, not a database player. But now he is and that's a great part for me. He's a smart guy, and he remembers every single data we take.

I don't like that stuff, never. They never gave me any extra check or anything like that. It just means me going to Augusta and tournament courses and people recognizing me, and that's not fun for me. Some people maybe, but not for me.