"Robyn Archer", Order of Australia/AO, Ordre des Arts et des Lettres/CdOAL is an Australian singer, writer, stage and theatre/director, artistic director, and public advocate of the arts, in Australia and internationally.

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If people shed a tear at any time during any performance that I do, it shouldn't be because they see me shedding a tear; rather the things I am saying make them shed a tear.

Quite often, if people don't want to listen to the message they will say 'Oh, but it's so musically inferior', but when you have songs that are musically sophisticated, with enormous heart and expertise and a message, that's when its hard to resist. It's great to see people of exceptional musical talent, like Paul and the musicians he works with, contributing to songs like these.

In the 1930s, classical musicians and students at the height of their powers were writing this kind of material. Since then, there has been a real division, with classicists keeping to themselves ? not touching politics ? and protest songs limited to three-chord wonders.