I can see they love Bernie here.

He's got great stuff. I saw him in the Futures Game in 2004, and he's very good. He's going to be a great pitcher.

I learned from my dad, if you make a mistake, don't let it happen again. Just keep your head up and keep playing.

Everything was right. I just missed it. It's disappointing.

This is very exciting to be involved in this.

It was a hard line drive. Came up too quick.

I try to use the whole field [during BP]. But I want to be ready for the pitch inside.

I don't pay any attention to that. Whatever happens, I've got to deal with it. I'm going to do the same thing I've been doing, try to stay back and swing at strikes.

Tino [Martinez] and Don Mattingly were telling me, `You made a mistake, now don't put your head down,' ... My father always told me [the same thing].