Robin Yount
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"Robin R. Yount" is an Americans/American former professional baseball player. He spent his entire 20-year career in Major League Baseball as a shortstop and center fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers (1974–1993).

After growing up in California, Yount spent a couple of months in minor league baseball and advanced to the major leagues at the age of 18. He won two American League Most Valuable Player awards. In his best season, 1982, the Brewers made a World Series appearance. In Baseball Hall of Fame balloting, 1999/1999, Yount was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Since his retirement as a player, Yount has held several roles as a baseball coach.

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In the years we had some success around here, there was not an outcast on the team, and that's the way this club is. Every single guy is a friend of the other, and it's sure nice to see because that doesn't happen that often anymore.

Ned told me that I'd really like the group of people that we have here. I thought initially that it might just be part of his sales pitch. But, it's true, he wasn't lying. That clubhouse is a very close knit group of guys that are fun to be around.

It's just part of when you're a young player that you have to go through. Regardless of instruction, you can be told about certain things, but until you experience those things yourself you're never quite sure about yourself.

(Manager) Ned (Yost) told me I would really like the group of people we have. I thought initially that it might just be part of his sales pitch. But it's true.

He does just about everything well, he just lacks consistency. And whenever he makes a mistake, you never see it carry into the next play. You never see tentativeness, you always see aggressiveness.

You can't live in the past. You certainly want to remember it, but you can't live there. I'm looking forward to being a part of a new group. It's exciting. We've got some young talent and some veteran guys who have been around a bit. I think anything is possible with a team like this.

I'm not touching that one.

It's on the job training for a lot of these young guys. There'll be growing pains for sure. Hopefully, we can speed up that goal, and that's what we're talking about here.