I feel really strong now.

He was simply too good. I didn't play my best match of the tournament. I still think the way I played today, I could've beaten a lot of guys in this tournament. But he was just too good.

It's going to be a tough match. Roddick is serving well. At the same time, Murray is returning extremely well.

It's just a great feeling. I think we both played amazing tennis. He came up with some great shots on my match points, and all the important points he played really well. I'm really happy to get through this one.

I definitely need some rest. This was a tough one. I can already feel it.

I was the better player for almost two sets, but after that point, he didn't miss many first serves and he's wasn't missing much of anything. You have to hit winners against him all the time.

The difference between today and last week was that I served a lot better, especially in the first set.

I played, really, probably, one of my best matches ever. I was hitting as hard as I could and I couldn't miss. I wish it would always be like this.

His first serve was very good. He's got a good game when he's playing his best but he'll have to return extremely well when he meets Roddick.