We really don't have reserves. We've been playing a lot of kids a lot of minutes, so it doesn't matter the situation. I've got a lot of confidence in them.

That was a big stretch of the game. They were playing us tough and they were likely to get more confidence the longer they were able to play us tough. That seemed to take the wind out of their sails a bit when we busted it up to about 10.

She's a good kid, a really good student. We're excited to have her here.

We quit scoring and they got after us pretty good.

I think we had a very good year. How you feel about a season depends a lot on how you finish, and we would have liked to finish differently, but from the overall standpoint it was 21 wins with the schedule we had and a tough league, so I feel good about that.

They've been playing well. We definitely have developed some depth.

Our defense is definitely our strongest point.

Everybody's been getting quite a bit of time. We didn't expect the game to be like that, but it's nice once and awhile if they are.

We haven't talked to anyone down there, because the phones are down. But no one has contacted us. As as far as we know, they're planning to be here.