Otis is amazing, ... I admire him. He has an amazing way with animals.

We are appalled, ... James Sherwood has made a good living out of Harry's Bar, but now our hands are tied and it's a very difficult situation to be in. As a major shareholder, Sherwood could put restrictions on us. He could set us management targets and suchlike until the very essence of Harry's Bar is ripped apart.

My father has never really had time for children, ... My mother encouraged us to be pretty naughty. We used to go to Dad's clubs all the time when we were little but, to be honest, he was busy. Our mother was much more sociable then, but not so much now.

It's dreadful for the staff as well, ... I am furious about everything. Incandescent. We don't want to do Sherwood out of any money, but we wouldn't sell Harry's Bar for any amount. We want him to carry on as it has always been, but now he won't even return our calls. I'm trying to be political about it.