I felt very confident pitching to him. If I make my pitch, it's a different story. And if he doesn't make the adjustment, it's a different story.

There's a lot of fight, ... We've never given up. This is a good ball club.

I blew it. If there's got to be a loss put on somebody, I'll take the loss.

You can turn around and walk away with that one.

Right now, we have something right in front of us, ... Everybody's loose. Everybody's enjoying it. You play this game to be in a pennant race.

Eight times prior, I've got him out the same way. Unfortunately, it came at the wrong time.

We like coming to the ballpark now, ... Everyone knows we've [stunk] on the road this year, but now we know it's right in front of us. It's right there.

It's a nightmare, ... How do you live with such an embarrassment in your life? How do you live when someone makes your life so insignificant?

We can't feel pity for ourselves, cause the opponents don't. We're trying to beat them and they're trying to beat us.