He relaxed so good and when I asked him he gave me everything. We just got beat by a better horse.

He waits till the right moment.

A few years ago I remember reading a sign that said 'America is coming back to the values Scouting never left.' I think that more than anything that's what Scouting is today. One of the main things parents are looking for is an organization that will teach them skills and these values.

Horses run for him. I don't know if he knows what he's doing or is just a natural. He's learning quicker than most bug boys. He sits on a horse good. He pays attention and listens.

Why aren't there more Hispanics in Scouting? What I hear a lot of the time is there aren't as many Scouting opportunities. They are more involved in sports. There is no tradition (of Scouting).

There are many examples of Cuban professionals who saved lives thanks to their rapid collaboration with affected populations in the countries where they have been giving their services.

On the turn, I had so much horse that I just went to the outside because I didn't want to get trapped. When I asked her, boy, did she take off.