Roberto Cavalli
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"Roberto Cavalli" (born 15 November 1940) is an Italy/Italian fashion designer from Florence. He is known for exotic prints and for creating the sand-blasted look for jeans. He is the father of fashion designer Daniele Cavalli (b. 1986).

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I want men to be more chic - and Japanese style has that kind of sophisticated elegance.

A wonderful girl ... her personality and energy are part of her style. Her body is beautiful, very feminine. I love to dress women like her.

The bunny costume has become old fashioned, something like vintage, ... so you need to interpret it in the new direction of fashion, the young way.

[While he followed his mother's lead into fashion, his appreciation for fine art hasn't waned, and, if he had the time, he'd still be painting. For now, he settles for taking snapshots with his digital camera.] I don't take big panoramic pictures, ... I pay attention to detail. I take (photographs of) rose petals, the veins of leaves and tiny animals like ladybugs.

The industrial direction is sometimes too much. We should think more about fantasy.

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Kate looks absolutely fantastic. She is confident and stylish, and she works well with the Cavalli look. She is back working and doing what she does best and, like usual, she was really professional.