"Roberta Williams" is an American video game designer, writer and a co-founder of Sierra On-Line (later known as Sierra Entertainment), who developed her first game while living in Simi Valley, California. She is most famous for her pioneering work in the field of graphic adventure games with titles such as Mystery House, the King's Quest series, and Phantasmagoria (video game)/Phantasmagoria. She is married to Ken Williams (gaming)/Ken Williams and retired from her career in 1999. Roberta Williams is one of the most influential PC game designers of the eighties and nineties, and has been credited with creating the graphic adventure game/graphic adventure genre.

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I believe I used to be more well-known in times past when computer owners were fewer but more knowledgeable about the computer industry than in today's world where there are more computer owners who are less knowledgeable about individual people and/or goings-on within the industry in general. I'm not crying about this though - in general, I prefer a certain amount of anonymity.

You play the main character, who is Adrian Delaney, a young woman. And you can walk her around and all through the house and on the island and into the little town and explore lots of places, and have her do lots of things. And so, being interactive, you can make lots and lots of choices.

I appreciate the sentiment that I am a popular woman in computer gaming circles; but I prefer being thought of as a computer game designer rather than a woman computer game designer. I don't put myself into gender mode when designing a game..

With computer games we're sort of heading into a new area here. Entertainment is getting more sophisticated, we can have actors now, (and) story lines can be of a more mature subject matter.