Robert Wilkes
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"Robert Wilkes" was an Irish people/Irish-Canadian politician and businessman. Born in Tullaghan/Tullaghan, County Leitrim, Ireland, Wilkes came to Toronto from his native Ireland at sixteen, working as a clerk before buying a jewelry firm, Rossin Brothers, which he expanded into a cross-country operation. He later invested in railroads, and in 1871 he was appointed director of the Canadian Bank of Commerce.

In 1872 he was elected Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre, as a Liberal Party of Canada/Liberal. The election was regarded by observers on both sides as rife with enmity, bribery and corruption. In 1874 he was re-elected, but the return was voided and he retired from politics.

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While the gain was included in operating results, it was clearly stated up front in the earnings press release, and management encouraged analysts to remove it from their earnings models.

The church influence washes over, runs through, pervades everything we do.

I think this is going to get close scrutiny. This raises the bar as far as the nervousness [about regulatory approval] the companies should be feeling right now.

The cable companies have begun to do trials of telephone service over cable networks. I think this acquisition will speed things up. The combination of AT&T's financial muscle and the advent of Internet based telephony will be the two things that will push that along, and I would think you would be seeing Internet telephony over cable systems in the next three years.

What that will tend to do will be to drive down accounting rates in international markets, which will tend to stimulate volume growth, and that will be a good deal for customers.

AT&T's basic business is transport, so to the extent that AOL would give them more traffic and to the extent that AT&T could limit AOL's involvement with its competitors . . . it's certainly something they need to look at.