We see a lot of college students. It's a huge tailgating day. It's a party. At Camden we get 50,000 people there. A lot of them don't know what's going on, but they see it and get interested, so hopefully it promotes the sport.

This policy will not only allay fears, but it also places in motion a process to deal with the problem.

He just wasn't going to let him by today.

For us this is a danger that could change the nature of our student body and exclude, for financial reasons, an increasing number of students who really want a Wake Forest education.

I believe it because he does argue well with me.

He was really keyed up tonight. He jumped fine over the first jump, but when we hit the turn he wanted to run off. He was jumping nicely the whole way. He never misses any time with his jumps. I didn't expect to be that far in front, but he was going so well. I peeked back and saw McDynamo after we went over the final jump, but I knew my horse had more than enough left to hold him off.

On the back side today I actually turned to one of the guys and said 'I'm flat out, I can't go any quicker at this stage' and I got no response.

I don't see why we would do this. It's just like 333 State St. and the shopping center on Huntington Turnpike.

Mayor Bloomberg has led the way for making New York City more business-friendly, and these grants are another great resource for the city's businesses and workers, ... Today, new technology can cause industries to change overnight. In order to stay competitive, businesses need highly-trained employees with a flexible skill set.