This has been a relatively long process.

It's remarkable. The last 10 years, I wondered how he got up the stairs. I could see in the last 18 months that he was slowing down quite a bit.

As a publicly traded company you're always available to be acquired. The board of directors, as representatives of the shareholders, have a responsibility to maximize shareholder value. If they have an offer that potentially meets that goal, they consider it.

If this was in Sydney, people would be jumping up and down all over the place because there are very few things of this period.

It's been 58 years. He's a good barber and I just got used to him.

Expect to bring back months' worth of information, names of new contacts, and experts-all of this after the opportunity to hear from and speak with expert practitioners in many environmental health fields.

People are very sad. Our people called and gave because they knew it would be there for generations. We just never expected this.

The decision to discontinue operations at Rouses Point is a difficult one. We understand what a challenging time it is for our employees who will be affected by these changes. We are committed to helping these employees and their families and want to assure them and the community that we will offer timely support.

Of course, he knows me 20 years, probably.