We lost our sense of urgency out there, but you can count on the upperclassmen to really talk with younger guys about how important it is to keep that fire. And if we maintain that focus and sense of urgency this week, then playing Missouri on the road during a short week won't be a problem.

Economic collapse? Or a bottom? The high volatility comes from these two forces going at each other.

The hardest sector hit [on Monday] was Internet infrastructure software companies, which until a week ago were holding up really well, ... Historically, when all the tech stocks are hurting, that would signal that the market is finally bottoming.

We have just scratched the surface of our potential business.

We won't be overconfident again. It was a humbling experience, but it will make us stronger.

We saw him for the first time at Ocean Reef in Key Largo about a year ago. Within minutes of witnessing his presentation, we felt that this would be a wonderful vehicle for the guild. He is very literate, very witty, the essence of Irish charm.

[Habersham, in Burton, follows these principles and was designed by new urbanism pioneers Duany-Plater-Zyberk, the same planners responsible for Rosemary Beach and Seaside on the Florida panhandle.] People are going to move here; the question is: Do we want to spread them all over the county or cluster them? ... We have to accept it and deal with it.

I'm not proud of how we played, but I do see this as a learning opportunity.