"Robert Temple" is the name of:

* Robert K. G. Temple (b. 1945), American author

* Anthony Robert Temple, known as Bob Temple (b. 1926), Canadian Member of Parliament from 1963 to 1965

* Robbie Temple, squash player

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Devastating diseases are often treated by drugs that have problems of their own. Own main concern is that people know what they are getting into here.

The patients raised many issues the committee will have to grapple with. What we are talking about here is a drug that unequivocally works, and works very well. We have to weigh that against the risk.

Devastating diseases often are treated by drugs that have problems of their own.

We have some work to do in adults.

I think we got quite clear advice from them.

There's no question with this kind of essentially lethal risk that there is going to have to be some kind of risk-management program.

There are a lot of drugs where it really is important that patients understand that there are therapies out there that might help them. And they may not have that information any other way.

We still believe that what you tell people should reflect the available data, even if you are a little more inclined to act in the face of uncertainty. We didn't find the sudden-death data very persuasive.