As a social service agency, I don't see a slackening, ... After 9/11, we cut off solicitation to New York and D.C., but the giving has come back. I don't believe our success or failure will be determined by these natural disasters.

The nuts and bolts are all in place, ... Getting runners knowledgeable about the event is just starting now.

This is not the D.C. Marathon.

So there is an appropriate basis for having a larger sign and a sign variance here.

We needed a tremendous amount of manpower to get the water and the hose up to extinguish the fire.

The contracts are all done, now it's just a matter of logistics.

Granted, they're not taking property, but they're taking control of a portion of my property, ... They're seizing control of the assets of my property.

I think there are legitimate privacy issues that come into play when you start taking pictures of people in their cars.

While there is plenty of time left, I think it's important to get closure on those larger gifts sooner rather than later.