Robert Stephens
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"Sir Robert Graham Stephens" was a leading English people/English actor in the early years of Britain's Royal National Theatre. He was one of the most respected actors of his generation and was at one time regarded as the natural successor to Laurence Olivier.

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This little boy did not die of diphenhydramine toxicity. That's not what happened.

Until a couple of years ago, if you were in a wheelchair, you weren't expected to work.

We believe you're either cool early in life or later in life, and it's much better to be cool later in life.

All she cared about was taking care of those kids and doing the best she could for them — and she did a wonderful job.

But this is the time to make this push (to cut beneficiary numbers), you'd be stupid not to . . . when there is a jobs shortage.

Did you ever give medication to a child that wasn't needed?

The only people who have time to learn all this stuff are geeks who stay home on Saturday night.

Nobody asked what the parents were giving. Nobody. What do we do with that? Can you rely on that? That sort of sloppy, horrifying, inconsistent, scientifically unreliable material to send a woman to prison for something she didn't do?

The family of Dane Heggem has been betrayed.