"Robert Skinner" (1591–1670) was an England/English bishop.

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Oh, most definitely. We lost some good seniors. We lost our lead-off hitter, number one pitcher, and number two batter. So we're looking to replace some good people, but that's what recruiting is all about, and that's what coaching is all about.

We've been working on (free throw shooting), and we hope it pays off all time, but it definitely paid off today and we're really glad to see it do that.

Wesleyan feels they are a major part of this community. We knew that we had the facilities to provide for the memorial, and that's what we wanted to do. It fits our mission being a church-related college, and it fits what Wesleyan is all about.

The security for this is incredible. It's taken me by surprise, actually.

That's what I expect from my sophomore post players. That was our plan from the beginning, and they needed to step up and score.