The evidence indicates, ... that Enron would not have been able to engage in the extent of the accounting deceptions it did, involving billions of dollars, were it not for the active participation of major financial institutions willing to go along with and even expand upon Enron's activities.

If this is the best option for our members, then we will help facilitate the merger. Certainly we would have liked to play a larger role in the [discussion] process, but we understand the legal considerations to that.

Was in the process of assembling an army of attorneys, economists and IAM representatives with a wealth of airline bankruptcy experience and resources to ensure our members are treated fairly and their rights protected both in the courtroom and at the bargaining table.

The key to holding this joint hearing is that it benefits the public, because it consolidates all of these issues into a more concise area. We may see this meeting extend over two nights, but if both boards were to hold separate meetings, they may extend for a much longer period of time.

Enron's practice of using prepaid transactions to understate debt and overstate cash flow from operations made its financial statement look much stronger; that in turn helped Enron maintain its investment rate credit rating and support -- even boost -- its share price.

Until we reach and ratify collective bargaining agreements with United to address the effect of this merger on employees, it is not in anyone's interest for this transaction to go forward, ... The failure of United to provide written job protection dramatically increases the possibility of a strike by members of the Machinists union at United Airlines.

The concept is good. I don't know if the current administration would know how to enforce it. But it's not a waste of taxpayers' money if it gets us to recognize the problem and find a solution.

Know that we have two small kids here and what a big deal it is that they were able to save John. What they did meant so much more than just saving his life. It wasn't just one life affected by what they did. It was all of us. Everyone's life could have been changed that day. I could be sitting here all alone right now.

It is not a good idea, because they are just not going to go back.