This is where people really have to think through what it means. Point me to a U.S. company that runs toll roads. There is no such animal.

Every conference I went to in 2005, this was the topic.

There's actually now a well-established procedure for every project.

We are very pleased that Tech Results is enjoying such tremendous success with Matrix. We are totally dedicated to ensuring that both Tech Results and their customers continue to be successful with Matrix.

It's important for people to understand it's not a total departure of the government. The government is still a player in protecting the public's interest.

License plate recognition systems don't create congestion. For small states like Connecticut, where people can easily drive through without having to buy gas, drivers are essentially using the state's roads for free. Tolls are an effective way to collect money from them.

The lesson is those things have to be negotiated in private, but once you finish those negotiations, all those things have to be public, and that wasn't done in Toronto.

They all mesh and run to similar high standards.

Before anyone else, Macquarie saw the potential of the U.S. market. They have the most robust model of highways as a new utility that can be an investor-owned utility like gas and electric utilities.