Robert Peters
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"Robert Louis Peters" was an American poet, critic, scholar, playwright, editor, and actor born in an impoverished rural area of northern Wisconsin in 1924. He holds a Ph.D in Victorian literature.

His poetry career began in 1967 when his young son Richard died unexpectedly of spinal meningitis. The book commemorating this loss, Songs for a Son, was selected by poet Denise Levertov to be published by W. W. Norton in 1967, and it still remains in print. Songs for a Son began a flood of poetry.

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Some days we have two or three officers a day out there, and you need them when the heavy cranes are being used.

It has to be clarified.

This building is going to be with us at least 20 years We're planning for the future.

I've seen more paperwork on animal control than I have on fatal accidents. I'm very disgusted by this process. I don't know what's going on here ... if there's something underlying with the department, let's look at that, too.

It was hell. It's a very hard habit to break.