The changes spooked a lot of people on the call.

I am not changing my rating on the stock (.

I think the market's already corrected for the downplay in EPS.

However, this is also a potential negative as well, as buyers and sellers communicating on 'the phone' makes it easier to take transactions off eBay.

To have these partners jump into the deal substantiates that there is a market opportunity for satellite operators, and I would look forward to more partnering with satellite firms. has recently begun a trial of meta-auctions, ... Should these types of services gain momentum, they could increase the competition to eBay (or at least potentially increase marketing costs.)

As long as eBay continues its current policy on non-disclosure of these metrics, we think investors will be very cautious as to their expectations of eBay's success in China, which would weigh on the stock.

The real question is around who would make a good partner, ... The leading partners are Murdoch, Disney, GE, Viacom, even Microsoft. I think all would be very interested in gaining that access to the home.

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